Laptop program

Since 2010, Burnett State College has run a 1:1 take-home laptop program.  This has been a great success, with nearly every senior student participating, and enjoying the advantages of having a personal College laptop.  Due to its initial success, the program was extended in 2012 to include Years 9 and 10.  For 2018, every Year 9-12 student is welcome to join either the College-owned laptop program or the new BYO Laptop program.

The aim is that students will have access to their own College laptop both at school and at home.  To help with this, the program has the lowest possible cost - for $250 for the whole school year, including holidays, each participating student will have the exclusive use of a laptop, all the software needed and full technical support and insurance.  The computers all have the latest Windows and Office software, as well as many other programs used at school.  There is a discount for families with more than one student in the program.

With the College laptop program, we do everything we can to ensure that no student who has paid to participate is without a laptop for more than one school day, by getting repairs done quickly, and supplying a replacement loan laptop as soon as students sign in the damaged one.  In the 'Bring your own laptop' program, parents are responsible for purchase, maintenance, insurance, repairs and support.

The aim of our program is to take away the worry parents otherwise have of buying a suitable laptop, and then insuring it against accidents and getting it repaired or replaced when it fails.

Students who are not participating will still be able to access desktop computers while at school, when available in their classroom, but will not have the advantages of a personal, take-home device that the laptop program offers.  Privately owned laptops may be brought to school but can only connect to the College network or use the Internet at school at all if they are part of the official BYO Laptop program.  Students who are participating will have their College laptop for every lesson, as well as at home and during breaks or before school.  Participating students will be able to access the College network and the Internet from every classroom, and from most areas around the grounds, so they can keep working or using the Internet during breaks.

Students will have a preparation and familiarisation workshop when we are ready to issue their laptop, and will take their laptops home for the first time on the day they complete their induction (provided all the forms have been completed and returned, and appropriate payment made).  The Scheme agreement form should be returned immediately, signed and showing whether or not you are participating in the Laptop Learning Program.  All Year 8-11 students must return this form.

Each student will be issued with a laptop bag to carry and protect their laptop.  It is essential that the laptop is kept in its case when not in use.  The laptop bags that are issued are always College property and students will pay for a replacement if it is lost, damaged or defaced.

There is a detailed Laptop Charter which students, parents/guardians and the College must sign, agreeing to all the conditions and procedures about the program before laptops can be issued to students.

For more information, answers to many common questions, and to download a copy of the Handbook, Charter and other documents, you can go to the College website at, and click on the “College Information” link, and then follow the first link to the 1-to-1 laptop page.  If you have any other questions, or cannot attend one of the induction meetings, then you are welcome to contact the Head of Department (eLearning) at the College, either by phone or email

We commend this program to you – it provides a great resource to your student, helps them learn important 21st century skills, and opens many new ways of learning.  Students handing their laptops in at the end of the program last year all said they would participate again, that the cost was acceptable given the service they received, and made comments like "The laptop helped me get better marks" and "I was able to work on assignments much better at home with my own computer".

Last reviewed 25 July 2019
Last updated 25 July 2019