Rules and policies


Assessment policy

This policy applies to all examinations, assignments and projects for all year levels that are used for either formative or summative assessment. Included are prepared oral presentations and other assessment items that involve prior notice and preparation outside school hours.  Also included with special provisions as outlined below are assessment items such as Science Practical and Field Trip Reports, Industrial Technology projects and reports, folios of work and other similar items which do not fit the 'traditional' definition of an assignment but which form integral parts of the course in those subjects.
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Sporting & extra-curricular activity policy

Burnett State College is committed to delivering a balanced and well-rounded education to all of our students.  In order to do this there must be a strong focus on academic studies, the core business of our school, to ensure that all students perform to the best of their ability. This must also be carefully balanced with allowing students access to sporting, cultural and extra-curricular activities.
Involvement in sport, cultural and extra-curricular activities are essential in the development of all of our students as they allow students to develop leadership skills, resilience, interpersonal skills and allow some students an avenue to experience success while in the school setting.  However, it is essential that these activities do not interfere excessively with the student’s ability to learn and their experiences in the classroom environment.
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School dress code

This policy was reviewed and endorsed by this school’s P&C in 2017.
Just as standards of speech and conduct are considered important, so too are the standards of neatness, appearance and safety.  The wearing of a school uniform and the manner in which this is done is considered an accurate measure of the co-operation and attitude of a student.  These facts are taken into consideration when preparing reports and references.  The school accepts no responsibility for lost clothing that has not been clearly marked with the students’ name.
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Student driver policy

Senior students who hold a current driver's licence may travel to and from school, or school related sanctioned activities, in their own car. 
In an attempt to maximise the safety, we require students to register permission to travel in vehicles driven by students at our school.
Vehicles must be roadworthy and be driven within Queensland Traffic Rules and Regulations.
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Last reviewed 25 November 2020
Last updated 25 November 2020