Bring Your Own Device




Our College is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) laptop school for all students in Years 7 – 12, These laptops will have access to the College network for file storage and sharing, printing and access to the internet and email.


Intune is a new service that will connect student BYO devices to the schools network.

This needs to be installed on all BYOX Devices before the beginning of term 4 in order that student BYO devices can continue to access email and internet.

The process is simple - just foolow the steps in the installation document or watch the video (the links to both are in the right coloum).

As always if you have problems contact Mr Monahan or Mr Parker during school hours, or email us at

What is BYO and how does it work? 

BYO stands for “Bring Your Own” Laptop.   It is a scheme designed to eventually allow all students at Burnett State College to have access to digital learning.

The school’s wireless systems have been upgraded to handle access from private devices. It will be managed via a ‘concierge’ system, which will allow private devices to connect to the school network and EQ filtered internet. 

When is it happening?

2021: Year 9-12 students will be offered the BYO program only. The 1:1 scheme will no longer be offered.

Why BYO?

Previously the federal government funded NSSCF program provided laptops to students. This program no longer exists, but the school needs students to have access to the Australian Curriculum as it is delivered in Queensland State Schools. This requires our College to be able to deliver the curriculum digitally across all subjects.

Burnett State College is delivering lessons using technology and needs to continue this practice to effectively deliver the curriculum and continue to develop students as contemporary learners in a technologically reliant world. In order to support our students in this endeavour, the College is aiming to implement eLearning across all Year 9-12 subjects in 2019. More information on eLearning is available further in this document.

What is a suitable laptop?

All laptops for use at school are recommended to have:

  • A Windows 10 device (Windows 10 ver 1607 or later)

  • up to date antivirus and security software (available for free from Microsoft),

  • Microsoft Office software installed (available for free for student use from Microsoft),

  • a physical keyboard (large enough to touch type, with moving keys – not a touch pad),

  • a CPU (processor) and memory (RAM) capable of running multiple programs at once (e.g. word processor and Internet) – at least Intel Core I3 with 4GB memory or better,

  • a screen of at least 11 inches, 13-14” is strongly recommended, especially for senior grades,

  • a hard drive or SSD (solid state drive – faster) with at least 128GB capacity.

  • 5GHz capable Wi-Fi card. 

Will everyone use the same kind of computer? 

All BYO computers will use Windows 10.  The exact model of computer might vary, but all will have to meet a minimum standard to join the network.  This will include things like having wireless networking, and a suitable processor and memory.

What is eLearning?

As places of work and higher education become increasingly technology reliant, the College recognises the capacity for BYO and eLearning to provide a more convenient and effective education to our students. Education Queensland’s eLearning website will allow all Year 9-12 BSC students 24/7 access to a virtual classroom for all their internal subjects. With students owning their own laptop, this will mean learning resources will be available at any time, from any place with an internet connection. Students will not need to be on the school grounds to access learning materials, as is often currently the case. This will provide much easier access to resources for students, including making access to content from missed lessons available at home.

What is the cost?

 Under the BYO scheme, carers will be able to purchase a laptop and keep the device on a permanent basis. 

The College understands that the purchasing of a laptop outright is a difficult financial commitment for some households. It should be noted that several of the retailers offer payment plans (many of which are interest free for a certain period of time) and rental agreements, to avoid large upfront payments. These rental agreements often include a repair/replacement service.

The cost of access to the BYO network is currently $30 per student. This covers the administration costs and onsite technician costs. 

What will happen if a BYO laptop is damaged at school?

Accidental damage is covered if you have the recommended insurance.  If not, any damage will need to be paid for before the manufacturer or repairer will make the repairs.  Note that it is not the responsibility of the College to arrange any repairs or insurance claims.

What will happen if my student does not participate in the BYO scheme?

The College encourages all students to participate in the BYO program, but is committed to working with families who may have difficulties joining the scheme. At least one computer lab will be available during lunch breaks when required for all students to use and staff will always work with students to ensure they are not disadvantaged in their education. Students will not be provided individual school laptops to take home.

Last reviewed 19 March 2021
Last updated 19 March 2021