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Computers and technology

In 2018, we will be introducing an update to our laptop program to allow students to bring a personally-owned laptop to school and connect to some of the network resources that students can currently access with school-owned laptops.  Initially, this will be focussed on students currently in the laptop program.  Students in grades 9 – 12 can choose to continue in the current scheme at the same cost per year, or choose to bring a personally owned laptop, and pay a reduced annual fee.

Personal laptops will need to meet some requirements to be able to be part of the program.  We need to be sure that laptops will be useful for serious high school work for class room use, research, and assignment writing, and that they meet certain security requirements (or we risk having one laptop with a computer virus infecting everyones’ laptops).  We will be using a checklist to decide if a laptop is permitted to connect – all laptops for use at school must have:
  • Windows 8 or 10
  • up to date antivirus and security software (available for free from Microsoft)
  • Microsoft Office software installed (available for free for student use from Microsoft)
  • a “proper” keyboard (large enough to touch type, with moving keys not a touch pad)
  • a CPU (processor) and memory (RAM) capable of running multiple programs at once (e.g. word processor and Internet) – at least Intel Core I3 with 4GB memory or better.
  • a screen at least 11 inch, 13-14” is strongly recommended, especially for senior grades
  • a hard drive or SSD (solid state drive – faster) with at least 128GB capacity



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